DiSO’S Truck 1

(917) 756-4145

Monday; 47th St b/w Park Ave and Lexington Ave.

Tuesday; 48th St b/w 6th Ave and 7th Ave.

Wednesday; Water St and Old Slip (FiDi).

Thursday; 47th St b/w Park Ave and Lexington Ave.

Friday; 46th St and 6th Ave.


DiSO’S Truck 2

(347) 409-3116

Monday; 52nd St and 6th Ave.

Tuesday; 52nd St and Park Ave.

Wednesday; 55th St and Broadway.

Thursday; 52nd St and 6th Ave.

Friday; 41st St b/w 6th Ave and Broadway.




Arancini (rice ball) special from @DiSOSNYC So good I could pretty much live on them! #lunch #foodtruck #italianfood

Specials today: white wine rice balls and meatball parm

Specials today: meatball parm and white wine rice balls

Friday lunch!

🌯Disos 1: 46th and 6 Ave . Call in orders: 917-756-4145

🌯Disos 2: 41st bet 6 Ave / Broadway, call in orders:347-409-3116

Thursday lunch!

Disos 1: 47th bet park and Lexington. Call orders: 917-756-4145

Disos 2: 6 Ave bet 52/53 st Ave, call orders: 347-409-3116

Wednesday lunch!

🌯Disos 1: Water st & Old Slip . Call in orders: 917-756-4145

🌯Disos 2: 55th & Broadway, call in orders:347-409-3116

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