DiSO’S Truck 1

(917) 756-4145

Monday; 46th and Park ave (off corner)

Tuesday; 46th St and 6th Ave. (West side of Ave)

Wednesday; Water St and Old Slip (FiDi).

Thursday; 46th and Park ave (off corner)

Friday; 46th St and 6th Ave. (West side of Ave)


DiSO’S Truck 2

(347) 409-3116

Monday; 52nd St and 6th Ave.

Tuesday; 51 St and Park Ave.

Wednesday; 55th St and Broadway.

Thursday; 52nd St and 6th Ave.

Friday; 41st St b/w 6th Ave and Broadway.




Hey all.. we have been getting a lot of messages if we will be returning to the streets. The answer is most definitely! We are aiming an end of June return to our normal lunch spots both trucks for regular pick ups and delivery like before. We hope to see all of you back!

I miss the Italian sandwich truck (shout out to @DiSOSNYC ) that parked outside my office on Mondays and thursdays and that I was *just* beginning to become a regular at.

I miss both the financier and the Starbucks where I just walked in and they all knew my order by heart.

Absolutely inhumane treatment of essential frontline workers trying to survive this health & financial crisis. We demand immediate suspension of enforcement of street vendors @NYCMayor @NYCMayorsOffice @JumaaneWilliams @NYCSpeakerCoJo @CM_MargaretChin @usb_nyc @cmenchaca https://twitter.com/DiSOSNYC/status/1241057612906586115

DiSO'S italian Sandwich Society@DiSOSNYC

@NYCMayorsOffice @NYCMayor absolutely disgusting that you have your traffic agents giving us tickets out here with some no selling violation in a time like this. While we’re just trying to survive right now

Friday lunch!!

🥖 Disos 1: Call in orders only. 917-756-4145

🥖🥖 Disos 2: 41st bet 6 Ave / Broadway, call in orders:347-409-3116

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